Here's a list of my personal projects.

Rooftop PC

The rooftop PC project, a (succesful) shot at building a very low cost but full blown linux HotSpot. You will find detailed information on the whole procedure on the previous link.


WiFiadmin, a project that aims to create an web environment for the administration of such a hotspot. It works on any linux box with wireless extensions compatible wifi gear. Development of this project has take quite a lot of work, along with my friend Thimios. It is my first open source project, and it's been a fascinating experience. Learned a lot, from using developing tools to software design essentials, and also had a lot of fun.

MP3 list

Never finished. Maybe I will finnish it if a good open source program comes out that wirelessly reads all your CDs and DVDs through drawers and cupboards and fixes lists with the content :).

Well, its shorter than I first imagined it would be :).