My interests, except for my apparent love of computers, are varied. For some years now I 'm actively involved in community (free) metropolitan wireless network developement, using 802.xx technologies. For more than three years now, I 'm helping our local Patras Wireless Network evolve, by sparing lots of my free time. That has led me to many personal achievements, such as my Access Point Node in the terrace of my appartement and the developement of the WiFiadmin package. I generally don't miss an opportunity to waste my time with networks, from installing wireless antennas on terraces to setting up Linux boxes.

I also enjoy music a lot, and with the encouragement of my friends, I started learning drums a few years ago. Every now and then I enjoy jamming with the rest of the guys :).

I have played with some bands, both in Greece and in Denmark. Unfortunately, none became mature enough to result in a live gig...Hope this changes soon.

If you are into prog-rock of the '70s, dark'n'heavy non-80's rock or even funky jazz, drop me an email. You might be interested in my MP3 list...:)