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  3. Known Problems.
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What MicroPro Is ?

MicroPro is a program which can help you to understand how microcode works. Microprogramming is the lowest level of programming (lower then assembly) so it is no good for practical programming but it can show us the way computers really works.This program was developed during 1996 as I was having to make some exercises on microprogramming for my Computer Architecture course.It is entirely written in Delphi (a program language for windows environment) so it is easy to use.It can execute programs written for the "Microprogrammable Educational Computer" as it is specified at the appendix of the "Computer Architecture" Book from Mr. Nikolos Dhmhtrios.It is written for Greek students so the Greek language is been used.

Known Problems.

1) I experience a problem with the Greek fonts on Help System, for some machines with the Windows 3.11.This problem is been invastigated.

2)I was informed about a problem with left shift of a register and Q simultaneously.This bug fixed at 5/4/97.

Download and Installation.

Get the file MicroPro.exe.

Execute it and choose a temporary directory to extract the files.Find the one named setup.exe and run it.It will guide U to the setup procedure.After finishing U can erase the temporary directory U created.

MicroPro V 1.0 - Papagelis Athanasios 1997