MicroPro Screen Demos

Input Unit.This is the first screen U see after starting program.The virtual buttons make the same work with the buttons on the real machine. U can insert data in memories ,step through program or even run it with automate clock.There are also easier ways to accomplish the tasks you would normally do using buttons.



Memories board.Here is where U manipulate the programs data which constists of Micromemory,Main Memory and Mapper data.U can also see the other two memories - Register and Stack - which change during the program execute.U can enter data directly in memory cells.


The Output Unit.With this form U monitor the current condition of your system.U can see the running microcode,Micro flags,Macro flags,Memory Registers,Next Micro Address and the numbers used with the CPU operation.




Writing Microprograms.Here U can write Microprograms not with the 0 and 1 but to a more "human" form.That is U can enter pc+1->pc and after pressing enter the program will create for U the boring 0 and 1 sequence.(Helpfull, isn't it ?)



Decode board.With this form U can see in a "more human" language the description of the microcode currently running which is indicated with a green row.This green row changes position as U step through the program.




 There are many more features in MicroPro that are not mention here.The best way to find them is by using the program...