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Hello! My name is Myrto Pirli. I am a student at the Computer Engineering and Informatics Department at Patras University. I like swimming, diving, climbing on mountains(my dream is to go to the River Styx from Peristera-and according to my parents get killed), music and computers. I have a dog called Rocky, he is a collie but not pure-bred so he is more beautiful than other collies. I also love whales and I have dedicated them a special page. Please visit it!

As far as music is concerned I listen to almost everything but mostly rock(greek and foreign). My favourite band(with a difference) is the Beatles (Beatlemaniaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!). All faithfull to the Beatles come along, all enemies get out of my site! I also especially like greek singer Eleftheria Arvanitaki and Iron Maiden(and others but we're speaking about special interests).


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Last Updated:15/11/2002