This is the year when everything started. 15-year-old Paul McCartney, persuaded by Ivan Vaughan, attended a summer fete at St.Peter's Church (July 6th). After the fete, Ivan introduced Paul to 16-year-old John Lennon who had been playing there with his band, the Quarry Men. Paul impressed the band by playing Twenty Flight Rock and was asked to join about a week later.


Paul introduces John to his school friend George Harrison. George was considered too young to join the band at first, but he was persistent in following the group and so he finally became a member.


The Beatles (John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Stuart Sutcliffe, Pete Best) play in pubs in Hamburg.


Stu Sutcliffe leaves. Paul McCartney replaces him as bass player. Beatles start playing at the Cavern Club in Liverpool. Single My Bonnie with Tony Sheridan (recorded in Hamburg). Beatles appear on the record as a backing group and (in the German release of the record) under the name "Beat Brothers". Brian Epstein comes to see them at the Cavern Club and eventually decides to become their manager.


Audition for Decca records on New Year's Day (Beatles fail). Decca Records A & R man:"We don't like their style. Groups of guitars are on the way out." Audition for EMI(Beatles pass). Ringo Starr replaces Pete Best as Beatles' drummer. John marries Cynthia Powell. Beatles sign contract with Brian Epstein. Single Love Me Do reaches no.17. Stu Sutcliffe dies of a brain haemmorrhage.


Single Please Please Me reaches no.1. Julian Lennon born (April 8th). Concerts in Britain and Sweden. LP Please Please Me. The start of Beatlemania. Last appearance at Cavern Club in Liverpool (August 3rd), where they have done almost 300 appearances. LP With the Beatles. Concerts in Sweden. Paul McCartney meets actress Jane Asher. In autumn the Beatles appear in the Royal Variety Show, where they perform in front of the Queen.


LP and film A Hard Day's Night. During filming George meets model Patti Boyd. Beatles appear live on The Ed Sullivan Show in America. John's first book In His Own Write published. It contains funny stories and poems. Concerts in America, Skandinavia, Holland, Hong Kong, Australia. On the morning before the tour to Skandinavia, Holland and Far East Ringo is taken ill with tonsillitis. Jimmy Nicol substitutes for him during the first part of the tour and Ringo re-joins the group in Australia. Beatlemania rises to incredible levels and conquers the world. At concerts the Beatles can hardly hear themselves playing for all the screaming. LP Beatles for Sale.


Ringo marries Maureen Cox. LP and film Help!. Beatles receive MBE award from the Queen. Concerts in America(including famous concert at Shea Stadium). John's second book A Spaniard In The Works published. Beatles get tired of touring and Beatlemania(hardly any time left to focus on their music and experiment with new sounds, audience won't listen to them anyway). LP Rubber Soul. Zak Starkey born (September 13th). Last tour in Britain.


George marries Patti Boyd. Concerts in West Germany, Japan, the Phillipines,America. Beatles held virtual hostages in hotels due to hordes of screaming fans outside. LP Revolver contains new sounds, loops and backward melodies. Beatles very advanced since 1963. John says the Beatles are more popular than Jesus. Outrage breaks out in America(banning and even burning of Beatles' records, threats on Beatles' lives!). Beatles stop touring (last concert at Candlestick Park in San Francisco). Many believe Beatles are "at the crossroads", probably even finished(κούνια που τους κούναγε). In November John meets Japanese avant-garde artist Yoko Ono at a private preview of her exhibition in an art gallery.


Single Strawberry Fields For Ever/Penny Lane. Paul meets American photographer Linda Eastman(NO relation to Eastman-Kodak family) at London club "Bag O' Nails". "Psychedelic" LP Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is very innovative,full of different, distorted sounds, tapes cut to pieces and stuck together at random and the wrong way round; headphones are used as microphones, vocals are send through Leslie speakers etc. They are filmed singing All You Need Is Love (later released as single). The performance is transmitted live via satellite to many countries all over the world. Jason Starkey born (August 19th). Beatles go to Bangor (Wales) to attend lecture on meditation by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Manager Brian Epstein dies from sleeping pill overdose. TV film and EP(LP in America)Magical Mystery Tour shown on Boxing Day (December 26th). Paul announces engagement to Jane Asher.


Beatles fly to India to study meditation under the Maharishi, but come back disillusioned. Start their own company, Apple Corps. Paul and Jane Asher split up. Beatles start recording new album, but the sessions are full of tension. Ringo quits the group, but comes back two weeks later(event kept secret). Animated film Yellow Submarine. LP Two Virgins by John Lennon and Yoko Ono (cover features them nude). LP The Beatles(more like four solo albums merged together). John and Cynthia Lennon get a divorce. John and Yoko get arrested for cannabis possesion. LP Yellow Submarine.


The Beatles give their last live appearance on the rooftop of the Apple building at Savile Row. Paul marries Linda Eastman. George and Patti get arrested at their house for cannabis possesion (during Paul's wedding). John marries Yoko Ono. The two protest the war in Vietnam by a week-long bed-in. John changes his name to John Ono Lennon. Tense atmosphere inside the group (George leaves temporarily in January). On the verge of breakup.In spite of that LP Abbey Road is like a group LP(unlike The White album). Mary McCartney born. John Lennon returns MBE to the Queen as a protest to England's participation in the war of Vietnam. Allen Klein begins to manage the Beatles(against Paul McCartney's wish). John says he will leave the band (event hushed).


Beatles breakup becomes official-on April 10th Paul McCartney announces he's leaving the band. He releases solo LP McCartney. Beatles last LP and film Let It Be released in May. It is the end of an era...

"And in the End, the love you take is equal to the love you make..."

Photos taken from the Photo op Archives of the Beatles at Abbey Road Web site.