Web Standards Solutions: The Markup and Style Handbook, Special Edition

Code Examples

The Following is a list of project files that were used to create many of the examples found throughout the book. Some chapters did not include any code examples that were necessary to create from scratch. That doesn't mean those were bad chapters.

How to use the files

Each file is a stand-alone XHTML document, with the CSS contained in the <head> section for convenience. Each example is separated by a <div> element, with an id that matches the Figure number (#fig1_1 for example) found in the book.

The advantage is setting up the examples this way, was that each chapter's examples could be contained on a single page, with the unique id prefacing each CSS declaration. (The only exception is Chapter 12 - CSS Layouts, where each of the four methods uses its own XHTML file)

Feel free to dig into these files and use them as a starting point for expermentation