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Local links:
[SEARCH ENGINES of Internet] [Project of MICRO I (Useful to 3rd year students of CEID)] [Project of VLSI I (Useful to 4th year students of CEID)] [The homepage for CEPHALONIA island] [ How to make coffee in Linux ] [Homepage for various FILESYSTEMS]
Hobbies & interests:
[Homepage for EUROPEAN USERS of LINUX] [Homepage for GREEK USERS of LINUX] [BEST primary site] [AMSTRAD CPC6128 (and others) starting point] [GREEK
SONGS: tablatures & lyrics]
Weather & maps:
[WEATHER FORECAST for Greece] [Create a customized MAP] [See the view of EARTH from satellites and
space] [Find information for a place in the WORLD]
[University of Patras] [Technical University of Athens] [Democretious University of Thrace] [Aristotle University of Thessaloniki] [LEO: german University with many resources in FTP & WWW]

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