My name is Photis Georgatos , aka gef on the Internet.
I am 27 years old and hold a family origin from Kateleios, a small village in picturesque Kefalonia.
I have mostly faced a city life, having lived in Thessaloniki, Athens, Patras, Amsterdam.                        

I have two brothers: Alekos & Makis .

We have a dog named Krumo, too.

I have been studying in University of Patras ,
where I graduated after 6 interesting years, studying at
Computer Engineering and Informatics Dpt.
After much public request, There is a demo of my graduation here. Hey, it's only a demo!

I used to be an active member of BEST Patras.

I have been living in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where I went to work for the Test-Traffic project of RIPE NCC. That job lasted a little bit more than 2 years and involved mostly System & Network Administration for ISP related machinery.

Shortly after, I started contracting on project basis and created my own one-man-business (een-man-zaak), Mikros Kosmos. The cool thing about it, is that it is focused on Open Systems and Open Architectures. Linux and FreeBSD at large. Let's see how it goes...

Next to Amsterdam' jobs, I have been studying at University of Amsterdam, in a Masters program of the Computer Science track. My interests cover knowledge transfer of Programming & Languages (well, including natural ones). Python is my current language of choice for baptising novices in programming.

My favourite demigods of Science are Noam Chomsky and Donald Knuth.