Constantinos Marios Angelopoulos, Ph.D.

Post-Doctoral Research and Lecturing Scholar, University of Geneva

Facilities & Systems

    • Control Cube: a system (software and hardware) that enables every-day, conventional appliances and automations to join the Internet of Things vision. By combining Future Internet Technologies (like IPv6, CoAP and the IPSO Application Framework) and off-the-shelf electrical and electronic components into an open and modular architecture, Control Cube constitutes a low cost, easily deployable, plug-n-play solution that extends the IoT paradigm so as to also include legacy protocols and devices.

    • Smart-room testbed: An Internet of Things test-bed for evaluating and demonstrating protocols, algorithms and use-case scenarios for smart and green buildings of the Future Internet. The test-bed spans across seven offices and has successfully been operating for more than 3 years (link).

    • Mobile Crowdsensing testbed: A highly heterogeneous testbed facility for energy efficiency in smart buildings that integrates several aspects and enabling technologies of Internet of Things (IoT) and Participatory Sensing (PS) capabilities via smartphones.

    • Smart irrigation system: A smart irrigation system able to adjust the irrigation process to the current soil moisture levels. The system was deployed at a major strawberry cultivation unit inWestern Greece and demonstrated ?20% savings in water consumption.

    • Sense-Wall: a Future Internet testbed specifically designed to evaluate energy efficient and energy balancing routing protocols.