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[The Theater]
Volos Municipal Theater

The economic development of the city was accompanied by exceptional progress in the fields of education and culture, with the foundation of libraries, model schools, municipal theatre, publishing houses and the publication of magazines and daily newspapers.

The popular painter Theofilos worked in Volos and the villages of Mt. Pelion from the end of the last century until the 1930s, continuing a long tradition in the decoration of churches and mansions and creating many important works of art. He was "discovered" in 1935 by the modern painter Gounaropoulos who later decorated the church of Holy Trinity which is situated on the seafront, close to the Volos hospital.

Around the time that Theofilos arrived in Volos, the city was also the birthplace of world-wide fame, Giorgio De Chirico, whose father was the italian Evaristo De Chirico, manager of the Thessalian Railways and the engineer who designed the Pelion railway. Giorgio spent his childhood in Volos, where he discovered forms and mythological elements which are the hallmark of his work.

[Municipal Conservatory]
The Municipal Conservatory

The artistic tradition continues to play an undiminished role in the city to this day. Volos Municipal Conservatory continues, along with several other private Music Schools, the long musical tradition which has developed in parallel with the city itself. Many important performers of the Greek musical scene have had a close relationship to the city of Volos and this tradition is continued to the present day by such famous figures such as Vangelis, as well as less known talents who are making a career on the contemporary musical scene.