Homer Papadatos-Vasilakis

About me:

Right now I'm an undergraduate trainee at ESA/ESOC in Darmstadt, Germany, working on Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). I'm entering my fifth year of the five-year Diploma of Engineering degree in Coputer Engineering and Informatics at the polytechnic school of the University of Patras, Greece, a 5 year, 300 ECTS program with integrated Masters equivalence. I'm an active member of the Microsoft Student Partners since my first year in the university, member of UPatras Robotics Club and Student Guru Patras communities, writing code and participating in presentations and events. In my free time I'm developing video games, right now I'm in the process of finalizing Flotilla WWII which passed Steam Greenlight and will be released on Steam, while I'm working on wrapping XNA into an engine of my own, which will be used for faster development of a 3D sequel to Flotilla WWII and hopefully many other projects to come!

My strong points are system design and architecture and, of course, programming efficiently! However I am also very interested in many other topics and have gathered some skills outside the field of pure programming, for example I am fascinated by game theory and have a firm understanding of its basic principles and most common methods. I am also very interested in branching into other fields, more notable examples being computational physics and simulation, and other more distant topics like experimental physics or classical engineering.

I am looking for new opportunities all the time, of course tasks already undertaken have priority, but I am very interested in additional internships during the remainder of my studies as well as research and collaboration opportunities. I will continue to obtain a Masters degree upon graduation, and intend to also obtain a PhD (but that's still a bit distant!).

Though this page is updated regularly, if latest developments are missing, the .docx version is likely to have been updated before the webpage. Also feel free to ask for an up-to-date copy of my CV in .doc (2003) or .pdf format, which I keep and edit offline more often.


-Certified Quality Software Developer Advanced level exam, issued by the Software Improvement Group (Beta exam), March 2017
-Building Maintainable Software, issued by Software Improvement Group (Beta exam) , November 2015
-Microsoft Certified Professional: MTA: Gaming Development Fundamentals with XNA and C#, February 2015

Participation in student groups:

-Universit of Patras Robotics Club (customizable monitoring software for monitoring of the robots)
-Student Guru Patras (presenter in noumerous events, assistant two workshops)
-Microsoft Student Partner (oral presentation in the Hour Of Code event)

Participation in Competitions:

-Microsoft Night of the Living Devs 2015, 9th prize winners, Greece (UWP)
-Microsoft Imagine Cup 2015, National Finals, project: Green Alert (Unity)
-Microsoft Imagine Cup 2014, National Finals, project: Survival Wasteland (XNA)

Experience and volunteering:

-2017, trainee at ESA/ESOC, application of MBSE to the Euclid Ground Segment, use of Enterprise Architect and automated processing of its files via C#.
-2016, maintenance and upgrade of the National Healthcare System's Ambulance department in Rio, Patras, Greece, as part of a team of the CE department.
-2015 - , Lab assistant, Electronics lab and Advanced Electronics lab, Computer Engineering Department, University of Patras polytechnical school (2nd year lab), 48 hours total.

Massive Open Online Courses:

-(no certificate issued) Introduction to Philosophy, University of Edinburgh (82%), multiple professors

-Introduction to Forensic Science, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, Statement of accomplishment with distinction (92.1%), Prof. Roderick Bates.

-Introduction to Game Theory, University of Tokyo, Statement of accomplishment (98.2%), Prof. Michihiro Kandori.

Published projects:

-Flotilla WWII, 2D naval TBS (released Aug. 10 2016, succeeded in last batch of Steam Greenlight)

-UnrealScriptHelper, builds a hierarchy tree of UnrealScript classes and allows reading the code, searching for a class, quick view of sub- and superclasses.

Programming Languages and web development:

-Microsoft XNA framework
-Unreal Engine 4
-DirectX 9

Lesser Experience:
-Arduino Uno
-GLUT (OpenGL library)

Web Development Environments:

-Adobe Dreamweaver

Experience on image processing:

-Clip Studio Paint
-Adobe Photoshop
-Adobe After Effects

Experience on 3D modeling software:

-Autodesk 3DS Max
-Autodesk Maya


-Proficiency in English (Cambridge, Michigan), Bilingual capability
-C2 in French (DALF, Sorbonne)
-Studying German (A1 level)


-Scale models
-Electric guitar
-Electronic organ
-Hard Science Fiction

Current Projects

Flotilla WWII

Flotilla WWII is a WWII naval TBS game, featuring basic AI, A* pathfinding, random map generation of island maps of varying sizes, and a total of 17 buildable units. It was submitted to Steam Greenlight on September 2016 and on June 2017 it was greenlit by Valve employees before the termination of the Greenlight service. It has undergone extensive polishing and the latest update is yet to be released (more intuitive pathfinding, water animation and animated smoke). It will be published on Steam as soon as the necessary paperwork is completed and the final touches added.

Flotilla WWIIFlotilla WWII

Survival Wasteland

Another project has been running in XNA under the name Survival Wasteland, utilizing more complex game mechanics and with code far easier to modify. Some of the mechanics include an inventory system, crafting, interacting with environment and man-made objects, use of multiple gameplay areas and more to come. The project intends to create a game where everything the player does can theorhetically be done in a near identical way in real life. The project's facebook page, IndieDataBase and ModDataBase page is right below:

Survival Wasteland Survival Wasteland
Survival Wasteland was submitted for the Greek finals of the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2014 and development continued until July 2015.
Currently the game is being ported to UE4 while being upgraded to 3D graphics, part of the code written during the port to UE4 can be found in the UE4 tutorials in the tutorials section of my site.
Development has been delayed in favor or games with a smaller, controllable scope which can be completed in more realistic times, but the project has not been halted.

C# is my language of choice, and I have experimented with a number of libraries, including the CodeDOM compiler and the voice synthesizer and speech recognition libraries. Most of my applications are built in Windows Forms and usually .NET 4.0, making them backwards compatible with legacy systems.

UDK: My studies in UDK and the UnrealScript language led to the creation of a utility to assist in searching through UnrealScript code, by scanning the UDK directory and constructing the full hierarchy of the classes, as well as allowing searching and previewing classes. The project was released under the name UnrealScriptHelper on CNET.

Tutorials: To gain a better understanding of subjects and knowledge I use, I am writing tutorials for other programmers to use, as much of their content is hard to find, and is often inexistent in the form of a tutorial. Currently I have uploaded tutorials on C and the Win32Api, while I add to these I will write tutorials for C++, the GDI, and later for the XNA framework. These can be found in the Tutorial Section.


Contact info: it is best to contact me through my IndieDB account, if you do not have and do not wish to create an account there, message me at homervp, which is my username, [at] gmail or hotmail or (last resort) outlook.com. Another alternative is the username on the current URL [at] ceid.upatras.gr, again not preferred.