Last updated in January 2021

I am a PhD candidate at the Computer Engineering and Informatics Dpt., University of Patras under the advising of Assoc. Prof. Emmanouil Psarakis. Concurrently I'm attending the INF_INT MSc program. My research interests are Neural Networks, Machine Vision, Machine Learning etc.

My diploma thesis, on Sparse Signal Representation/Sparse Coding, was supervised by Assoc. Prof. Emmanouil Psarakis. It's principal lines associate with Linear Algebra, Information Theory, Compression Theory and Dictionary Learning.
I mainly code in Bash, Python and Matlab.



[2013-2019] Computer Engineering and Informatics Dpt. (CEID), Polytechnic School, University of Patras (G.P.A: 7.40).
Diploma Thesis Title: “Overcomplete Dictionary Learning for Sparse Representations”, Supervisor: E. Z. Psarakis, Associate Professor.

[2019-] Post.Grad.Program Information Processing Systems and Machine Interlligence (INF_INT), Polytechnic School, University of Patras.

[2019-] Phd candidate, CEID, Polytechnic School, University of Patras.
Phd Dissertation Title: “Neural Networks Inspired By Differential Equations”.
1. E. Z. Psarakis, Associate Professor.
2. D. Kosmopoulos, Associate Professor.
3. G. Moustakides, Professor.


Georgantopoulos, P. S., C. Constantinopoulos, and D. Kosmopoulos. "Tomato Disease Classification using AlexNet." Mosaic 299: 74. [link]

Find my diploma thesis (in Greek) below:
Overcomplete Dictionary Learning for Sparse Representations.pdf