5.4.Minimum Genetic Tree.

Let's assume a network G with cost function for its sides c.That means that c[e(ij)] is a real number and represents the cost for the e(ij) arc.For simplicity we can accept the following:

We can easily assume that G is connective.

As cost of a G's undergraph is set the total cost of its sides.We are extremely concerned in the cost of a genetic tree T=(V',E'),where V'=V,that is the positive number:
cost(T)=Sum( c[e(ij)] ) for e(ij) belonging to E'.

We will examine two algorithms,which solve the problem of finding the minimum genetic tree (m.g.t.) that is a genetic tree T which satisfies the following:cost(T) <=cost(T') ,for every genetic tree T' of G.
They are the PRIM and the KRUSKAL algorithm.
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