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cati.gif (1749 bytes) was born in Edessa which is a beautifull city at the north of Greece.Edessa is best known for its waterfalls.My parents were very much in Love,so I am "a love created human".I was the first child of my family and the most loved (I want to believe ...)

The days were passing and the little boy became a normal human being to my parents relief.I was good at school , middle at sports , nice at women but very good at computers...I got my first computer at the age of 13 and since then I changed 4 machines.It was then that came to me the idea to study computers.I could do what I like best and get paid to !! (well it doesn't seem so good idea know ....)

So I study,study and study and finally I managed to pass to my favorite department at the Univercity of Patras "Computer Engineering And Informatics Department" .That is a name! It makes U feel really important.

For U who wonder if I have any other hobbies except Computers the answer is "Yes". I like painting, something I don't do very often know ,I love science fiction (I am a Star Trec fun) and of cource I'm always in LOVE with women.(This is my favorite one . I know,I know everyone says the same but what can I do . It is the truth ...).

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