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Welcome to my personal web page.My status currently is working + MSc. Also have some projects running concerning commercial software for cellphone devices.Also have an electric guitar and try to play some stuff.I have ordered my tribute Fender...(Taki you know..;)).The time of being silly and fooling around as student is long gone.I remember these days and i say i had a full package.I keep in me all the experiences and all the positive things from the people i meet during this journey. Some of them are friends for life.To the rest,i only keep what was good from them and wish/hope they are as happy as i am...and a little advice to the younger students...LIVE AS STUDENTS
Trying to figure out Athens and the way people tend to live in this city!
Software Engineer-Java Specialist @ Upstream Systems S.A.
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On top of this list there is only one thing.Visit my friend/best man Takis @ Edinburgh
Contact me:nmpallas_at_ceid_dot_upatras_dot_gr || mpallas_at_upstreamsystems_dot_com

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