Hora 1. Hora - Eggares - Agia - Apollonas.
Me meet 4 communities: Galini (Ahapsi), Myrtia, Mesi Gitonia and Lagadia.In the valley of Eggares lies the monastery of Panagia Ipsilotera. After Eggares you can see the monastery of Faneromeni. We meet the known and developed bay of Abraam. (You can combine swimming and lunch there). Going on we find the monastery of Agia, after that the road leads to the northest point of Naxos, at the cape Stavros. At the end of the trip you 'll find the roadstreet of Apollona with the Kouros of Apollon, 11 metres long.

2. Hora - Melanes - Kouros - Kynidaros.
At the valley of Melanes me meet the village Kourounohori and Agii Apostoli. We go on to Flerio or Ellina where there is a Kouros (statue) of 3rd century B.C. 6,40 metres long and then we meet Kynidaros which is famous for its waters and singers.

3. Hora-Agidia-Potamia-Galanado-Tragea-Filoti-Apiranthos-Koronos-Skado-Mesi-Komiaki-Apollonas.
Leaving Agidia and Potamia with its green orchards we cross "Livadi" a fertile plain. The main road crosses Galanado. You can see the venetian tower of Belonia and the church of St. John. Apollonas After Galanado we found ourselves among the mountains Zas, Fanari and inner the mountain of Koronos.We see the the villages of Potamia and under us the church the of Saint Mama. After a while, Sagri, the castle of Apalirou, the monastery of Holy Cross and about in the middle of a slope of the mountain the underground cave "Kaloritsa". After that we arrive at the circular plain of Tragea. Around Tragea are Damalas, Vourvouria, Damarionas, Koutsoherado, Tsikalario, Halki, Acadimi, Kaloxilos, Metohi, Monitsia. On the foot of Zas lies Filoti with Panagia Filotitissa.Higher, we find Apiranthos with Panagia Aperathitissa and the Archeological Museum. From Apiranthos the road leads to Koronos with a small stop at Stavros of Keramoti.Just a little before our arrival a branching out goes to Lionas and another to Panagia Argokiliotissa.Opposite Koronos lies Skado, then Mesi, Komiaki and Apollonas.

4. Tragea - Moni.
The village Moni is built high up with a beautiful view. There is the temple of Panagia Drosiani which once was a Catholic monastery with rare fresco-paintings for Greece.

Church 5. Hora - Agios Georgios - Agios Prokopios - Agia Anna.
etting out from the beach of Agios Georgios we continue to Agios Prokopios passing through the old salt-marsh, today the airport. Then we get to Agia Anna where there is the the center of potatoe-seed production.

6. Hora-Glinado-Tripodes-Plakes-Agios Arsenios-Vigla-Kastraki-Aliko-Pyrgaki.
Starting from Hora we pass through Livadi where there is the factory where they make the Naxian graviera (a yellow cheese). In front of us lies Glinado, then Tripodes and then the plain of Plaka. We go on passing the magnificent beaches Orkos, Partheno, Vigla, Kastraki,Aliko, Pirgaki.

7. Hora - Sagri - Agiasos.
In Sagri there is one of the oldest monasteries of the island, the one of Agios Eleftherios. Going on we arrive at the sea of Agiasos.

Allay 8. Apiranthos - Moutsouna - Panormos. Moutsouna is the sea-port of Apiranthos with the famous emery and with Panormo are the most beautiful places in naxos.

9. Meeting the cave Zas - Danakos - Pirgos Himarou.
The cave of Zas is in the S.E. of Filoti in the S.W. side of Zas. One trip brings us to Danako and under it lies the monastery of Fotodoti Christ. A second one brings us to the tower of Himarou and through the mountains at the southest area of Naxos at the roadsted of Kalados.