Portara    Even by name it is not unknown to most people, this island, the biggest and prettiest island of Cyclades. Greeks and foreigners, scientists or simple people, somehow have heard about it, in history of Ancient Greece in Mythology, in ancient Greek art, in the history of the Byzantine- Orthodox Greece, in the history of Greeks all over the world, in the modern politics and intellectual life, in music concerts in Lycabetus, in TV etc.

   Escorts and supporters of our mood to visit Naxos (usually for the second or more times): It is its apex in Ancient Greece and its special relationship with Athens. The words of Homer, Archiloghos Pintharos, Herodotos and many others about her. The Myths about Dionysus, Ariadne, Theseus, the Thracs and the Kares - the Sphynx of Naxians in Delphi.The Naxian exhibits at the National Museum (Cycladic idols, Artemis of Nikandris etc.) - the Lions and manymore in Delos - findings in Thiva, Amorgos, Viotia, Naxos of Silicy - the development of christianity, the crusades (especially the 4th) the legends about pirates, the folk traditions, etc. The Naxian villages in Smyrni (Axari-Nourla), the Naxians of instabul, Russia, the ones of the Orthodox patriarchate of East, Rumania, Germany, Canada, USA, Italy,England etc (scientists, businessmen, clergy-men), famous politicians and intellectual Greek men (Protopapathakides, Mandilaras, Glezos, Magakis, Kambanellis, Psaras, Sphiroeras, Kefaliniadis, Zevgolis, Polikretis, Sahas, Moutsopoulos, Katsouros and so many other Naxians), many books, magazines, newspapers - military men, judges and loversof Naxos without deriving from there, (politicians, judges, writers, painters, foreign historians etc.), the many Naxian centers in Athens, the Konitopoulei, the Hatzopouloi and many others -the Naxian builders and businessmen in Athens-, the agricultural and stock breeding products you can find in the market (the cheese "graviera", cherries, potatoes, kid, woven things, emery, marble, wine etc.) and many other things which urge us to meet Naxos visually.