First Impression
Hora    As the ship approaches the port, Naxos fascinates you with "Portara", the castle which dominates the town, the monastery of St. John Chrisostomos and its bare mountains. You have the feeling of security and stability. As soon as you disembark you realise the commercial bustling, the abudance, the self-sufficiency of the town "Hora". The population of :Hora", (about 4000), quintuples during summer and it gives the impression of a big city. Here it's worth seeing: the small island of Palaces with Portara, the excavations in Grota, Aplomata, the ancient market, the Orthodox Cathedral, Pantanassa, St. Kiriaki and the small picturesque -about 40- churches. The Venetian castle with its towers and the heavy doors, the blazon, the Commercial School (Archeological Museum), the school of Ursulines, the Historic File, the Catholic Cathedral and Capella Kazatza, the monastery of St. John (Chrisostomos) and the Theologaki, the picturesque small streets of the Castle, the Castle, the old market and some neo-classic mansions. You can swim at Palatia, Agios Georgios,Stelida,and Agios Prokopios.

Allay Air View    Setting out of "Hora" or any other village, you can easily see the rest of the villages.You will meet about 40 villages with 15.000 local people and many visitors, a nature which at times is bare and then like paradise, high mountains, rivers, maginificent beaches, hospitable people at their traditional places of work, many ancient things, sightseeing, customs and habits.