Apollonas    Apollonas is situated in the north part of Naxos in a distance of 47 km from Hora (the harbour and capital of Naxos).Administratively it belongs to Komiaki (Koronida). It has one of the most beautiful beaches of Naxos (it has been awrarded with the blue flag of the European Union for the last 3 consecutive years). Its inhabitants are very warm and hospitable and generally it is a very nice place to spend your holidays with your family. In Apollonas, at the place of the ancient quarry, one can see a half-finished Kouros, 11 m long, which is considered to have been there since the 7th century B.C. and represents god Dionisos. One can also see the ruins of a castle on the mountain Kalogeros. The visitor can stay in one of the 4 hotels provided, as well as in the many rooms to let : Apollonas

ADONIS C class phone: 81360
AEOLOS D class phone: 67088
ATLANTIS E class phone: 81345
KOUROS E class phone: 81340