Hello my name is Kanellopoulos Xaralampos

This is my personal Webpage.

I am studying at Computer Engineer And informatics Department of University of Patras

About /

Web Development

Good Knowledge of HTML/HTML5/CSS/PHP/MYSQL

Operation Systems

Administration on Windows Vista,Windows 7/8/8.1/10,Linux,Mac OS

Android Development

Learning how to ...

Treehouse Subscriber

I'm currently taking several courses at Treehouse

Laravel Framework

I will start shortly taking online courses for laravel Framework.

Codeacademy Subscriber

I'm currently taking several courses and tutorials at Codeacademy,aiming in web-development.This is my profile.


Very good knowlegde in C and Java and a little bit experience in C++.

Contact /

You will find me on the Building of Computer Engineer and Informatics Department
at the university of Patras.

If u want something from me don't hesitate to mail me.
Just press the button below.

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