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" Cephalonia is the largest of the Ionian islands.
Green rocks plunge suddenly into the deep blue waters. Picturesque villages and small beautiful towns highlighted by old mansions and "humble" farmhouses; a little further over, the ruins of some ancient city.
Cephalonia has been justly called the island of contrasts: Roman, Venetian and Byzantine ruins, side by side with famous beaches.
The capital Argostoli is where the sea pours into spectacular swallow-holes and disappears endlessly into subterranean tunnels forming a rare geological phenomenon.
The water reappears at lake Melissani, an incredible semi-underground lake of clear turquoise and indigo water.
Nearby is the Drogarati cave, a large stalagmitic cavern of rare beauty.
To the north is the small village of Fiskardo, and its pretty harbour, that has escaped the earthquakes and retains the old style buildings."

Abstract from BLUE PAGES