Hello, my name is Fotis, and I am a software engineer, I received my Dimploma from the Computer Engineering & Informatics Department (CEID) University of Patras, Greece. Currently, I am working as a Full Stack Java Developer at European Dynamics.

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Email: fotisdionisopoulos@gmail.com

Work Experience

Full Stack Java Web Developer at European Dynamics, from March 2020 to present. Participating in various IT projects for ED's international clients. Main responsibilities include the development of the backend (using Java and Spring integration) and frontend (Angular) environments.

Internship at Irida Labs from April 2018 to June 2018. Development of a new 3D scanner reconstruction method using the three-step phase shifting method. Tools used: C++(mainly) and MatLab.
Environment: Linux (Ubuntu) with CLion.

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Diploma Thesis

Micro-Expression Analysis Using Deep Learning Techniques
(Supervisor: E. Z. Psarakis)

The purpose of this Diploma Thesis was to classify video data using neural networks. The dataset that was used was SMIC which contains short clips of spontaneous Micro-expressions captured with high-speed camera. Micro-expressions, are facial expressions that occur when the subject tries to hide their true emotions.

The networks that were used: LSTM & RNN. Also, some other experimental networks where developed including LRCN (combination of LSTM & CNN) and CNN (with transfer learning) . The tools used for development purposes were Python, Opencv & Keras (using Backend Tensorflow).

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