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Programs section... ;-) Here are some of the programs I made when I was using windows. They are all freeware (if you need the sources then email me and I will license a copy of them to you under the terms of the GNU/GPL version 3). Most of them need VB6 Runtime to work (XP users shouldn't need this). Some of them (Simple, SePuKTra) might also need the Winsock Control which is also included in their ZIPs.

!UPDATED! Ask Wise
A program that will help you make predictions based on knowledge you give to it. READ HELP! I have also included two knowledge files. The screenshot is outdated! Download the new version!

MUTE Portable
MUTE is a great anonymous file sharing program. This is a portable version of it. It is only 5.4MB! So you can take it wherever you go with your flash drive. For more info on MUTE visit it's website. I also made a portable version of MUTE MFC which is a polished version of MUTE. But this is a bit outdated. You can download it from here and sources from here.

Ever wondered where a file is but the windows search dog was too slow for you? Where is a very fast searching tool. Just give to it a part of the filename.

Create crazy stories with this program...

Legend V2.0
Have You seen those huge photos that are made of smaller pictures stuck together? Legend will create that kind of photos for you! Just provide the main photo and a folder with many photos. Try the new version (download it by clicking on the screenshot or
download the old Legend V1.6 if you experience any problems with the new version.

Anonymous NET SEND
Allows you to send messages to other computers on your network using the Windows Messaging Service while faking your name.
Please note that this service is unfortunately disabled by default in windows XP SP2 and can only be enabled by an administrator. :-(

SEcure PUblic Key TRAnsfer
This program uses a protocol that reveals man-in-the-middle attacks. Thus, it is a very secure way to transfer public keys using it. (NOTE: This program does not provide any encryption!)

EPT (Emergency Process Terminator). This program will help you close programs that have crushed and because they use your CPU the Task Manager does not show up. Put this program in your start-up folder! Do not forget to read the Read_me.txt.

: Very fast port scanner!!! It scans for any open TCP ports! Check it out... ;-)
NOTE: This program may not work correctly with XP SP2. This is due to some modifications that Microsoft made. In fact microsoft limited the number of sockets that try to connect at the same time. The limit is not a parameter that can be changed, it is hardcoded in windows. :-(
NOTE 2: I found this great patch that corrects this problem. Some AntiViruses may detect this patch as a virus. IT IS NOT!!! I have used it on my PC and it is fine. (AVG and AntiVir did not detect it as a virus anyway). Go to this website for more info or click here to go directly to the download page.

: Encode, decode, shred, create Self-Decrypting EXEs and checksums!

: A Tic-Tac-Toe game with AI! Play at 8 different levels! I'd bet you cannot beat it at level 6 or more!

: Create Stereoscopic photos with this prog! You will need a pair of 3D glasses (those red and green glasses). Click here to see a stereoscopic photo! (Size ~100KB)

I'm Innocent
: Hide any window just by middle clicking ON it. ;-) Very usefull for naughty kids... :-D

: Select an EXE, type in the string you want to change in it and it will do the rest. In fact you could do this with a Hex Editor but it would be much slower to find the string, especially if it is Unicode. This prog will search for Unicode strings but this might be a little buggy (eg: it does not support Greek strings)... It's kind of a always-will-be-beta version... DO NOT FORGET TO BACKUP THE "VICTIM"!!! It's almost sure that you will mess up the first time... Check out this special version of MineSweeper that I made with StringAttack! (Sorry Billy for messing with your game...)

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